Timber Flooring: The Game Changer of Your Flooring

It is not hard to change the look and feel of your home if you buy the right furniture. Timber flooring has become a popular choice for home improvement projects in Epping. The wood boards that make up a timber floor have been used before. It is also called barn board flooring or plank flooring.

AJ Flooring is a company with more than 38 years of industry experience that specialises in timber flooring services in Epping. It was set up to help customers install their floors as easily and cheaply as possible. We are set on only selling brand-name flooring that has been on the market for a long time.

Our installation team has been working in the greater Epping area for many years, so we know what problems arise because of the weather and location. After looking at your home, our experts will tell you what kind of floorboards would work best. Feel free to stop by at our store, where our friendly and knowledgeable consultants are always on hand to give you the best advice for timber flooring near Epping.

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Supply and Installation of Solid Hardwood Flooring
When you choose hardwood timber flooring for your home in Epping, you choose a style that will always look clean and new, no matter how many times you walk on it. They can also be easily fixed if it starts to look old. Whether today or in 20 years, timber floors will impress your guests and make your home look always beautiful. Our high quality timber flooring can make any home or building look and feel more beautiful, warm, and up-to-date.
How Popular Timber Floors Are?
Solid flooring is the best choice for Epping homes because it is durable and looks good for a long time. Many people like this finish because it never goes out of style. Other flooring trends come and go, or they only work with one interior design style. For example, vinyl flooring used to be considered tacky, but now it is cool. On the other hand, concrete flooring only looks good in homes with an industrial style. AJ Flooring understands your requirements and installs flooring that best suits your home.
What makes us the best in timber flooring?
Our beautiful timber flooring in Epping is made from rich and colourful woods that have been treated and stained to bring out their best texture and colour. It is a fresh and timeless way to cover a floor. You can get various looks by choosing different colours and grains for your solid timber flooring. This will help you get the look and feel you want. At AJ Flooring we believe our services can make your floors last longer and give your home much-needed warmth and character. If you want to make your home truly yours, you can do so with our solid or hardwood timber flooring in various colours and styles. When choosing a floor, many people also think about how it will affect the environment. With timber flooring, you can enjoy the natural beauty of wood without having to worry about it breaking. This engineered construction mixes nature and science to make a good finish. Not only can that but timber flooring be recycled repeatedly so it is environmentally-friendly too.
Is Wood Flooring Worth What It Costs?
In the end, after seeing the results, all the costs are worth it. Timber flooring has proven to be a good choice for remodelling that meets various people's needs. It gives people a unique quality while saving them money and time. No matter how much you spend on timber flooring, the value of your home will increase because of the high quality of your flooring. AJ Flooring has been a trusted timber flooring provider in Epping for many years. They have the best selection of real solid timber flooring and professional installation services. We have a wide variety of raw and pre-finished wood flooring in stock. The thickness of the overlays ranges from 21mm to 12mm. There are almost a100 different species and many different grades of wood, so you are sure to find a gem. Call us now to book an appointment with our team in Epping.
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