Timber Floor Maintenance and Cleaning

Sydney Timber Floor Maintenance and Cleaning

 A J Flooring are a reputable timber flooring Company that has been in the industry since 1983. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Based in the Hills Districts of Sydney. We have a reputation in our industry of quality workmanship and personal, professional service. As timber floors have grown in popularity, the advice and products on how to clean and maintain your timber floors has grown. Along with timber species differing so does the finishes applied, so the best timber floor cleaning products differs.

Timber Flooring benefits greatly from regular cleaning and care, this will keep your floor looking its best and hygienic. When your timber floor is deep cleaned you feel cleaner within your home.

2020 has not seen a great start to the year, and while we are working through these unprecedented times and learning to deal with and understand COVID-19. We are ensuring that we are protecting our clients and staff. We have completed the Infection Control Training; we have relevant SWMS applicable to both client and staff. We have hand sanitiser, gloves, masks for protection. We are able to work in Schools, Offices, Hospitals, Cafes and homes.

We would like to take this time while schools and offices are vacated to offer a cleaning service to our current clients and new clients. A deep antibacterial clean is a service we can offer to you.

A fresh feeling of cleanliness in your school hall or Office timber or tile and vinyl floor will give and allow you to have comfort knowing that you have offered the best protection. The machine that we own washes your floor and vacuums the water into a return. With this process you do NOT need to move heavy furniture. The floor dries immediately, the water is vacuumed.                                            

We are aware that you want to ensure that your floors do stay beautiful, we have included some guidelines to ensure your floor remain clean without damage. Please never use anything that is or contains the following products – as they will ruin your floor immediately or overtime: – 

  1. Bleach
  2. Turps
  3. Metho
  4. Eucalyptus
  5. General household cleaners
  6. Vinegar
  7. Ammonia
  8. Floor/Tile Cleaner
  9. Steam Mops

Your floor will be cleaned with a PH Neutral cleaner. We would be honoured to offer this service to you, so you have the peace of mind knowing your hall/office space is clean for when students return to school, and employees return to the office. We offer a service of maintaining the health and cleanliness of your timber flooring Sydney.

Cleaning your timber floors takes time and effort. Cleaning can be complicated, keeping a fresh healthy feel to your floor can be overwhelming. What product to use, how to mix, how to get the deep clean. Too much of the product can damage your floor, the mop or steamer that you use can damage your floor.

During the clean
During the clean
The water after the clean