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Competent Timber Flooring Services in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Floors are one of the essential parts of a house that must always look good. There are many floor types and timber flooring is one of the popular types. Timber flooring will give a different and fresh appeal to your room. At AJ Flooring, we offer timber flooring services on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to make your home look appealing.

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Timber flooring services
AJ Flooring, we provide a variety of timber flooring in Northern Beaches\, Sydney.
You have several selections to choose from at AJ Flooring for your floors:
  • Plank style is one of our choices and resembles multiple strips put together in one slab. The planks are between three and six inches wide. The installation of slabs is a little bit faster since the slabs cover a wider area than individual strips.
  • Strips are another choice at AJ Flooring which are smaller; we use three inches wide at most. These are advantageous for developing the rooms to look much larger.
  • Solid timber is one large item of wood. Our solid timber can vary in thickness and is customised according to the customer's needs. They can be refinished many times to increase their durability.
  • Parquet flooring are squares of timber that look like ceramic floor tiles in dimension. Parquet boards are pinned down and others are glued. The squares could be arranged in a geometric style for a distinct look.
  • Hardwood flooring or 'tongue and groove' timber flooring, we install it directly onto the existing floor whether it be wood, concrete, or anything else. The 'tongue and groove' pattern maximises the strength of the flooring.
  • Engineered Flooring is our new alternative to solid wood. Here, we provide different kinds of timber to make a single floor. It's much less expensive than solid timber wood.
We provide value with pocket-friendly timber flooring services on the Northern Beaches, Sydney At AJ Flooring you can choose a very good-looking timber for the exposed layer while opting for the less attractive ones for the layers underneath. We help you to save while protecting the strength and durability of your floors.
Complete and Incomplete timber flooring options.
At AJ Flooring, we also provide incomplete or pre-finished timber flooring. Incomplete timber must be accomplished after it is set up. You stain and coat the product with urethane to shield the finish. The sanding and completing method takes several days. You need to enable sufficient moments for the surface to hold at every stage in the method right before sanding. It must be sanded soon after each stage of the completing procedure. Floor sanders may be used for this procedure. Our pre-finished floors come with a factory finish. These are preferred and simpler to place. Nevertheless, they are more expensive. In several spots, the added cost is definitely worth the money, as it saves time in staining and sanding.
What sets us apart?
At AJ Flooring, we provide you with high-quality products on the Northern Beaches, Sydney, when it comes to both solid and engineered flooring and with a cost-effective way to bring elegance into your home. We ensure that absolute quality standards are maintained when making every floor, resulting in strong and durable timber flooring at your Northern Beaches home. We also combine this to create a wide range of shades, colours, and prices which has placed our timber flooring when it comes to an exceptional finish.
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With many years of experience, our experts are dedicated to providing you with cost-effective and quality services. We offer excellent timber flooring services on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. So, if you reside here, just get in touch with us and see how we can bring impeccable changes in your home. Call us today!
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