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We at AJ Flooring are the best providers of timber flooring in Beecroft and there are several reasons as to why we can make such a claim. The first reason is that we offer the best workmanship in terms of quality. You can be sure that you would be hard-pressed to find any better in this regard in the entire area as such. We also have a huge array of timber types and styles to choose from. The same goes for colours as well. This means that with us you can be sure that you would find something that would suit your home the best.

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Hiring the best experts in the domain
We also hire people who are experts in the domain of timber flooring in Beecroft. They can provide you the best advice on choosing the right kind of timber flooring that would be the perfect for your home or office. For this, the flooring specialists would start by assessing the floor. This would be followed by a second assessment by our tradesmen who are immensely experienced in such work. This would be done on the day that the work is supposed to start. It is only after this that they would transform your floors to elegant timber ones.
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If you want to get a quote on your timber flooring in Beecroft all you need to do is get in touch with us. We will provide you a no-obligation quote for your project.
Finest workmanship
In terms of quality of workmanship, we have already said how unparalleled we are. This is especially true for areas such as sanding as well as finishing. This includes both your exterior timber decking as well as interior timber floors. We make sure that before we start your project, we provide you the latest information in this regard.
Taking all the necessary action
As far as timber flooring in Beecroft is concerned you can be sure that we would do all that is needed to make sure that you get a perfect finish and that desired look. You can rest assured that once we have completed the project that you will be the proud owner of a great floor for many years to come. All the work that we do is of the highest standard without any doubt. Our work includes the following:
  • Sanding
  • Edging
  • Filling
  • Dust Management
As a leading provider of timber flooring in Beecroft we make sure that we are always meeting the standards that are expected for such work in Australia. This is especially applicable as far as sanding the wooden floors is concerned. We are extremely proud of the quality of the finish that we can achieve with our work especially for wood floors. We always use the best trade products in terms of quality. This includes fast drying Tung Oil and polyurethane coating. Our experienced tradesmen apply these coatings in such a way that the final product is of the highest possible quality.
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