Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintenance & Cleaning for Timber Flooring in Sydney

Wooden flooring is fortunately easy to maintain. Following are some tips on how best to maintain your new wooden floor. Timber flooring can make your house or unit look warm and bright, and all it needs is some regular care to maintain its look and durability.

AJ Flooring are able to provide you with custom timber floor maintenance plans in Sydney. With our superior timber floor care and maintenance, your flooring will always look and stay great. Alternatively, we have quality branded products available so that you can keep your floors beautiful.

Maintaining your newly-sanded floor is an important part of the sanding and polishing process. This will assist in prolonging the life of the finish on your floors. AJ Flooring can provide you with a regular maintenance service for your floor. You can’t go wrong with our expert timber floor care and maintenance services near you.

Wooden Floor Care Tips

  • Regular sweeping, mopping, and soft head vacuuming of your floor will prolong the life of your timber floor.
  • Ensure that you have mats at door entrances to trap dirt before it is brought onto your clean wooden flooring.
  • Use felt padding under furniture to prevent wearing out of your timber floor finish.
  • High-heeled shoes can mark your timber floors so request family remembers and visitors take them out when walking on them.

Strong light, particularly direct sunlight, can cause a chemical reaction in wood, causing it to change colour (ageing or weathering). Shading your windows or using curtains will offer some protection for your timber floor.

Move rugs occasionally to avoid mat marking and use curtains or blinds to protect the floor from direct sunlight.

Regular timber floor care and maintenance are essential to keep your floors looking their best. By following these tips for cleaning polished timber floors, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of your polished timber floors. If you require any assistance or products for timber floor care and maintenance, feel free to contact AJ Flooring on 0408 659 109.

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To maintain the shine on your timber floors, avoid using abrasive cleaners and ensure that the floor is properly sealed. You can also use a PH neutral floor cleaner designed specifically for timber floors to help maintain their shine. Contact AJ Flooring on 0408 659 109 for more details.

The best way to clean polished timber floors is to use a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove dirt and dust. Then, use a microfiber mop with a cleaner specifically designed for polished timber floors. Avoid using excessive amounts of water or harsh chemicals as this can damage the polish and the timber. Contact AJ Flooring on 0408 659 109 if you need a professional to clean your polished timber floors.

You should clean your polished timber floors regularly, ideally once a week. If the floor experiences high foot traffic, you may need to clean it more often. Contact AJ Flooring on 0408 659 109 to find out how we can help you clean your polished timber floors.

To protect your polished timber floors from scratches, use felt pads under furniture legs and avoid dragging heavy objects across the floor. You may also consider using area rugs in high foot traffic areas. At AJ Flooring, our professionals are available on 0408 659 109 to make it easier to protect your timber floor from scratches.

To keep timber stairs looking their best, it's important to keep them clean and free from dirt, dust, and debris. Use a soft-bristled broom or vacuum cleaner to remove loose debris, and a damp cloth with a PH neutral cleaning solution to clean the surface. Avoid using excessive water or harsh chemicals, as this can damage the wood. Contact AJ Flooring on 0408 659 109 for more info on the best maintenance tips for your timber stairs.

If your polished timber floors get wet, clean up the water immediately using a dry cloth or mop. Excessive moisture can cause the polish to lift or the timber to warp or swell, so it's important to dry the area thoroughly without delay. Contact AJ Flooring on 0408 659 109 for professional timber floor cleaning.

The best way to clean polished timber floors is with a mop, and we recommend you do so weekly using only a dry mop. It is best not to use too much water on your polished timber floors, so a damp mop can be used each month or so to loosen up any dirt. This is the case for both internal timber floors and decking timber. If you need any more timber floor cleaning tips, call AJ Flooring on 0408 659 109.

Use a microfibre cloth moistened with a PH neutral solution. Let it soak on the polished timber floors, and as the wax and dirt begin to dissolve, wipe it away with crumpled papertowel. Scrub obstinate parts by hand. Once all of the polish has been removed, damp-mop with clean water. Call our timber floor experts at AJ Flooring on 0408 659 109.