Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance Of Polished Timber Floors

Maintain your Timber Flooring Investment
Wooden flooring is easy to maintain, following are some tips for your new wooden floor. Timber flooring can make your house or unit look warm and bright.

We are able to come out and maintain your floors for you alternatively we have products available for you to keep your floors beautiful.

Maintaining your newly sanded floor is an important part of the sanding and polishing process, this will assist in prolonging the life of the finish on your floors. We can provide you with a regular maintenance service for your floor.

Wooden Floor Care Tips

Regular sweeping, moping and soft head vacuuming of your floor will prolong the life of your timber floor.

Ensure that you have mats at door entrances to trap dirt before it is walked onto your clean wooden flooring.

Use felt padding under furniture to prevent wearing of your timber floor finish.

High heeled shoes can mark your timber floors.

Strong light, particularly direct sunlight can cause a chemical reaction in wood causing it to change colour (aging or weathering).

Move rugs occasionally to avoid mat marking and use curtains or blinds to protect the floor from direct sunlight.

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