Best Price Timber Flooring Solution In Turramurra

AJ Flooring- Expert Timber Flooring Fitters, Who Can Convert Your Home

Every home is incomplete without the well-polished and classy flooring, especially if the flooring is made of timber. But what are the things that make timber flooring so special? Unlike the cold, plain tiles that most of us find in various parts of our home, timber makes the flooring, as well as the entire room, appear brighter, warmer environment, and this is something that has never gone out of fashion. 

But if you want that the wooden flooring looks great in your property in Turramurra, you must choose a professional installer and fitter with great workmanship. And this is where you can take the name of AJ Flooring.

About AJ Flooring:

Irrespective of the fact that whether you want to install a new timber flooring in your home or want to replace your cracked tiles with timber, you can always count on the service of AJ Flooring to lay and fit the wooden flooring right. The experts of our company in Turramurra can update the flooring instantly. Even if the floor renovation job in your property is limited to a single area or a single room, we are happy to help you with it.

Now let’s have a look at the way how we work:

Once you book our timber flooring service, our project specialist will visit your home in Turramurra at a time that suits your schedule to perform a detailed survey. After completing the evaluation, the specialist will suggest to you the type and style timber flooring that would suit your needs and requirements. Once you finalize the type of wooden flooring that you want to install, we will cover the full process of installing this flooring.


Why choose AJ Flooring?

  1. Professional and swift workmanship guaranteed: At AJ Flooring, we have a team of well-educated and skilled fitters and sanders, who put their thorough knowledge into installing the timber flooringas per your specification.
  2. Perfect results with minimum interruption: The efficient flooring experts work diligently in every project to ensure the floorboards perfectly fit together while keeping the commotion to a minimum and the work area sparkling clean.

Flooring service that can exceed your expectations: When the experts of our company in Turramurra are asked to install wooden flooring or when it comes to fitting the wooden flooring, they don’t undercut the skirting. Instead, they use some special tools for adjusting the skirting to the new level of flooring and sliding the new boards carefully underneath.


After some time, your timber flooring in Turramurra may begin to lose the sheen and shading that it once had. Your floor in such a case likely needs to be invigorated and revived with oil. Oiling wood floors assists with upgrading the general appearance of its surface and preserving its natural fibers.

Timber flooring in Turramurra can truly perform brilliantly as a flooring alternative for your washroom. It brings a warmth and natural touch to the room, which can aid in creating a relaxing space. You simply need to guarantee that timber selected is fit for such a purpose. It utilises similar substrate and waterproofing measures as that for the tiles. Contact one of our sales executives if you need any assistance in this regard

Specific floor paints are accessible. It is ideal to utilise a paint specialised for this purpose, as they are specially created to withstand the huge measure of wear and tear that a floor receives. Timber Floor paints available in Turramurra are impervious to wear from pedestrian activity, as well as chipping and stripping. Floor paint is additionally intended to be impervious to spills and stains.