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When it comes to flooring, people prefer to choose stylish yet durable floors so that they can look attractive and last long as well. Though scores of flooring options are available in Castle Hill, we believe it is hard to beat the appeal and charm of AJ Flooring’s products since our hardwood floors complement every kind of home decor — be it contemporary or classic. We also provide a variety of colours and patterns when you plan for hardwood flooring in Castle Hill.

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We are an Ideal Hardwood Flooring company
AJ Flooring is the ideal hardwood flooring company in Castle Hill with more than three decades of experience. When it comes to hardwood floor installations, we are the most trusted brand in Castle Hill and nearby suburbs. We can give you the desired look for your space. Be it the traditional look or the contemporary, we have the right hardwood flooring for your lovely home in Castle Hill. There are various types of hardwood flooring that you can choose from at AJ Flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is the most traditional form of flooring available. We also provide engineered flooring in Castle Hill as an alternative that comes with improved durability and budget-friendliness. Whichever wood you choose, AJ Flooring will be readily available to fulfill your requirements.
What are the Benefits of Hardwood Flooring?
The main benefit of hardwood flooring is that it lasts long if maintained properly. Hardwood floors even last for over 50 years when they are cleaned properly. Regular vacuuming or sweeping is enough to clean them regularly and occasional cleaning works wonders when used with a high-quality wood floor cleaner. These floors are available in several types of wood and thus good for every type of home decor. So, if you change the home decor, you don't need to change the floorings. In addition, hardwood flooring has timeless appeal and is easy to refinish. These are the reasons for increasing the popularity of hardwood floors. In Castle Hill, hardwood flooring is very common and you will find them in many homes.
We provide a variety of designs
Hardwood flooring is now available in plenty of designs in Castle Hill. If you like unique patterns the most, you should contact us to handle your home design like other homeowners in Castle Hill. In fact, we provide custom home designs to clients that complement all their needs. So, you can choose the best design for us to install in your home. At AJ Flooring we also provide several types of finishes that are environmentally-friendly. In case your floor is starting to look dull and worn, we got helpful options to refinish it and create that shinier look again.
What is the different hardwood flooring wood we deal in?
There are several wood choices for hardwood floors at Castle Hill. Though the choices are endless, the most popular choices are:
  • Oak

    Oak would be your best bet if you are looking for floors with a variety of grains. This wood is available in both solid and engineered options and adds distinctive warmth to any space.

  • Cherry

    Cherry wood is available in a variety of colours from reddish brown to blonde. This wood species has excellent acoustic appeal but if exposed to the sunlight, it becomes darker over time. Therefore, it is a wise idea to install the cherry floor in areas like bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

  • Mahogany

    The best attribute of mahogany wood is that it still looks beautiful even when exposed to the sunlight. This makes it ideal for outdoor floors, but also good for other places in the house.

  • Maple

    When it comes to popularity, it is second to oak. Maple floors are appreciated worldwide for their reddish-brown texture and creamy, light, and smooth grain pattern that one can find in dozens of species. It is naturally stain-resistant and dust-resistant. As compared to other options, it is harder also and best to install in high-traffic areas.
The Services That We Provide Include:
We provide all hardwood flooring services in Castle Hill to meet our customer's needs.

See some of our services:

  • New hardwood floor installation
  • Renovation and repair of hardwood flooring or engineered flooring
  • Floor polishing and sanding to restore your hardwood floors
  • Staining and re-staining of hardwood floors
In addition to these, we also provide additional services according to your needs. If you are unsure what you may need, please get in touch with us now!
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AJ Flooring is a fully-certified company that offers its services in Castle Hill. Our experts are licensed and qualified to legally install and repair all types of hardwood flooring. We are committed to delivering quality services at affordable prices beyond customer expectations. We value customer satisfaction the most.
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