Timber Decking is the Perfect Aesthetic for your Patio in Sydney

Living in Australia means spending lots of time outdoors and enjoying the lovely warm weather. When you purchased your home, a huge asset was undoubtedly the beautiful backyard. You picked up a few nice lounge chairs, and you keep your lawn nicely trimmed. However, you notice that it’s been a bit awkward trying to entertain solely on the grass. Tables sit slightly unlevelled, and chairs sink into inevitable potholes.

While combing do-it-yourself websites and trade magazines for a solution, you decide that an excellent addition to your outdoor living in Sydney would be timber decking. A shaded, sturdy and level region for entertaining without the dirt or grass blades sticking to your feet! It sounds almost elegant to achieve something rather “next level” like a deck but also a bit overwhelming and complicated.

It’s safe to say you’ve concluded that while all the do-it-yourself websites have beautiful ideas, installing proper timber decking feels decidedly out of your league.

The Value of Craftsmanship in Timber Decking Installations

It’s important to feel confident in the process of installing timber decking. This potentially brilliant solution is not a small project, but rather one that requires knowledge and know-how. AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd has provided timber decking installation in Sydney for 32 years. We can help you decide on the proper timber deck to suit your home design and personal taste. We work from both clients’ plans and off the site itself.

Our customers can trust that their timber deck will be as beautiful as they could’ve ever dreamed. Our focus is honing in our customer’s decking ambitions. We understand that home design, whether indoor or outdoor is very personal, and we, therefore, pride ourselves on listening to our customers and then helping them to achieve their design goals.

Sydney Timber Decking is a Sustainable Option

You won’t have to feel that your design aesthetic has to create a compromise for the environment either. At AJ Flooring we seek timber selected thoughtfully from locations in Australia that pose no threat to forest populations. Wood flooring is a naturally sustainable source, unlike most floor coverings which can take a toll on nature.

You can feel creative and conscious about your timber decking in Sydney at the same time. You can also feel confident, because AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd is both accredited and Bona certified. This level of craftsmanship is a result of unique training and rigorous testing followed by regular information updates to keep our hand-selected craftsmen completely current on best practices and design. We bring care about our product and our client to each project with an academic level of understanding and experience.

So, if it’s time for you to bring the party up from the lawn and onto the deck, or to update your outdoor activity area into something that emulates a more quality experience, please call us at (02) 9873 6111. Browse this site to choose from several designs and to see what our past satisfied customers have to say.