Timber Flooring and Decking Installation in Hornsby

It used to be that wall-to-wall carpeting was a popular selling point for homes, but that isn’t the case anymore. On the contrary, what most homeowners are looking for today is hardwood flooring. Timber floors are easier to clean and arguably healthier because they don’t collect dust and other debris or demand cleaning processes that are heavy on chemicals. Add the elegant beauty of hardwood flooring, and wall-to-wall timber flooring might be the new ultimate selling point in residential real estate. Outdoor living has become part of the Australian lifestyle, enhance your home with a timber deck to enjoy the lifestyle.

At AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd, we can help you to trade out your old and ragged carpeting for gorgeous hardwood flooring. We have been in the flooring industry for 32 years and have been offering timber floor installation services in the Hornsby area for the entirety of that time. Our talented team members know the hallmarks of choice workmanship and can transform your home with minimal fuss or hassle to you. We can also provide timber decking in Hornsby, to add rustic beauty and a luxurious lifestyle to the outside of your home as well as to the exterior.

Home Timber Flooring and Decking in Hornsby Can Add New Life to Your Home

Whether you are looking to sell your home or not, launching a renovation that includes timber flooring and decking will add new life to your home in new ways. Many homeowners feel daunted by the idea of doing renovations because they think they have to make a bunch of major changes for the work to have any noticeable impact on their lives. As a result, some people have grown tired of the atmosphere that their homes create but don’t lift a finger to change that atmosphere.

Replacing the flooring and repainting the walls in your home are both relatively ‘minor’ renovations—at least compared to knocking down walls and completely reimagining the floor plan. However, these changes can still have a massive impact on the overall feel of your home. Trading out carpeted or tiled floors for timber flooring adds a rustic charm and natural beauty to most homes, and can make even older homes feel new.

Timber decking in Hornsby, meanwhile, is almost always a worthwhile investment. Outdoor living is the Australian dream in the summer, and timber decking is an excellent way to make use of your outdoor space. Whether you want a place to sit outside, read and relax or a spot where you can entertain guests and share a few drinks in the summertime, a timber deck is a perfect place to do it.

Both of these improvements can add significantly to how your guests perceive your home and how you feel living there. Life is too short for you not to love your home, so look into timber decking and timber flooring to give your residence a long-overdue makeover. Also, both of these improvements can add significant value and appeal to your home in the minds of prospective buyers—making them secure investments if you are thinking about selling at some point in the future.

Learn More about Timber Flooring and Decking Installation

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