Best Price Timber Flooring Solution In Killara

Be ready to give your house floors a touch of unmatched beauty. Choose timber flooring for your Killara home. Are you searching for highly trained professionals to get it done? We offer the best value for money with superior service and results than our competitors. Our long standing reputation in this business means that A & J Floor Sanding Pty Ltd stands behind our name and people know us as a highly skilled and experienced flooring company in the local area.

What to Expect at A & J Floor Sanding Pty Ltd?

Being in the business over many decades, we understand what it takes to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Since we started in 1982, we have always tried to improve our flooring  services by constantly listening to what our customers tell us. Feedback is very important to us and we act on it to constantly evolve and improve. This is why we offer all types of flooring services like installation, repair, restoration, repairing, and floor polishing  under one roof.

Who We Are?

We are a family-owned and operated company catering to all types of flooring solutions to people in Sydney. We are known for our craftsmanship and experience. Our team of professionals leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing a top-notch, flawless flooring solution. We maintain the standard of our work and hence, try to provide more personalised service.

The following are some of the top reasons why we have become the top priority to the people who are seeking timber flooring in Killara: 

  • Complete timber flooring needs under one roof at the best price
  • Competitive and best quotes
  • Team of experienced, trained professionals
  • Australian made products with a warranty on finished services
  • Unmatched customer service 

Bank on our services – installation, repair, restoration, floor polishing in Killara – and get in touch with us soon for a free quote.

We streamline your Timber Flooring Solution

At A & J Floor Sanding Pty Ltd, we understand what it takes to offer the best services. Therefore, since we started in 1982, we have constantly transformed our services in order to bring to you the best one. Our professionals ensure that the timber flooring installation at your Killara home will go ahead smoothly. We will provide highly accomplished and honest experts who’ll visit your place for an obligation free measure and quote, after understanding your desires and budget.

Call our team for the best services. We are always at your service.


  1. A timber flooring available in Killara is more diligent and solid than many other different surfaces. It can last for a long time period (in contrast to covering, which has a life cycle of 5-10 years). 
  2. Timber is more vitality productive than other deck surfaces and is an easily manageable asset. Timber gives a classy natural look to the home.

When your new floors are installed, you will have the option to walk on your floors after 24 hours of the coating. You should remain off your Timber flooring for an initial couple of days as much as could reasonably be expected. As per the timber flooring experts in Killara try to wear socks while walking – no exposed feet or shoes! Abstain from moving furniture back in for a couple of days as the completion will, in any case, be soft.

The advantages of the timber flooring installation in Killara, are as follows: 

- Easy to install.

- Easy to clean and maintain 

- Durable and strong

- Increase the value of your home

- Better natural acoustics

Generally, sunlight will not affect a good quality timber flooring much but if the quality is not good it can either dye dim lumber or obscure light timber to a crude, uncoated state. The level of progress will rely upon the measure of UV light and the types of timber utilised. UV light will blur a hardwood floor, as wood is amazingly photosensitive. Consult AJ Flooring experts for the best quality and long lasting timber flooring installation.