Floor Polishing & Sanding Services in Pymble

AJ Flooring – High quality floor polishing and sanding in Pymble 

Have you started noticing scratches on your otherwise spick and span timber flooring? Or is it the loss of lustre that you’re worried about? Reach out to us for unparalleled floor sanding and floor polishing services. AJ Flooring is synonymous with superior flooring craftsmanship. We take the pleasure of inviting to the world of flooring specialists where the craft is pursued with passion, diligence, and precision. 

Why AJ Flooring?

Our presence in the flooring industry is marked by an unequivocal endorsement from clients. We understand that timber floor and polishing is a much more encumbrancing exercise than what many believe it to be. You can easily tell the difference between DIY and professional floor polishing. Disruptive DIY consequences range from incomplete removal of scratches to uneven polishing. 

We have extensive experience catering to varied needs. To date, we have successfully completed polishing and sanding projects for homeowners, residential builders, and commercial builders. Get in touch with us to check out our portfolio and know how we have given satisfactory solutions for our clients in Pymble.

The Benefits of Floor Sanding and Polishing   

Though timber is known widely for is endurance and timeless visual appeal, it is subject to a gradual loss of shine and wearing. Though the process of weathering is way too slow, it’s not advisable to ignore signs of possible damages. 

Thanks to furniture scraping, exposure to sunlight and foot traffic, your timber floor is bound to accumulate multiple scratches over the years. We offer you superior sanding services capable of buffing away these scratches thereby rendering a completely new look to your floor. 

What more? Sanding is also recommended for addressing more serious threats to your timber floor like bowing and cupping. 

Regardless of whether you’re just looking at eliminating scratches or restoring your flooring or at addressing the more serious issues (like bowing and cupping) – you should consider sanding and polishing services offered by us.

We are widely known across Pymble for our superior flooring services. Backed by a team of highly educated craftsmen, we have delivered projects that are consistently synonymous with finesse, satisfaction, and precision. 

We do not outsource our projects to sub-contractors. We have a strong in-house team with access to the latest sanding equipment taking care of assignments. Expect us to successfully cater to your qualitative needs within required deadlines.

 We offer sanding services that can give a whole new look to homes in no time! We can suggest a range of stains if you’re willing to explore the options in the first place. You can check out everything starting from the matt-chic to the high-gloss finishes. 

Work Completed in Comprehensive Steps:

  • If you get us on board, we will complete your project in a few comprehensive steps.
  • At first, we will pay a visit to your house in Pymble , to have a look at your floor and discuss your expectations from the project. We will, of course, suggest changes if required.
  • Once we reach a consensus we will get to work immediately. While the work is under progress, you can reach out to us with your queries. 
  • Once the work is finished, we will await your feedback. If required, we will re-work on specific areas as well.