Why Floor Sanding a Hornsby Home is Often Needed

Many homes in Hornsby, NSW, feature attractive timber or wood flooring. Of course, all genuine wood or timber flooring requires periodic maintenance. Typical flooring maintenance includes sometimes comprehensive restoration such as floor sanding and then application of a new protective finish to keep it safe from temperature, foot traffic and other challenges. Floor sanding your Hornsby home will most certainly be needed at some time or another – or several times over its lifespan – but it will also need such an activity done in a thorough manner.

Floor sanding is usually a component of a broader maintenance regime that includes specialised cleaning and finish work. Professional timber and wood flooring installation companies such as A&J Flooring, located very near to Hornsby itself, engage in many floor sanding projects yearly. Floor sanding a Hornsby or other area home may be best left to professionals experienced in the comprehensive natures such activity actually entails.

Not only is a timber or wooden floor sanded when restoration is carried out, but it’s first thoroughly cleaned and prepared for sanding. Floor sanding in your Hornsby home, when it’s finally carried out by a professional firm, also may create quite a bit of wood dust and even particulate matter for old stain or lacquer or even a chemical-based resin not exactly meant to be breathed in. In other words, it’s also advisable to sand stained or finished word wearing the proper respirator and with adequate exchange of air through a ventilation fan or device.