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Are you in search of an affordable and professional floor sanding service in Baulkham Hills? Sanding is one of the most important and the first step to be performed before staining or finishing a floor. The result of this process is a completely smooth surface. If sanding is not performed properly, then the floor will not look good no matter what finish is used. Sanding a floor is not as easy, as this job requires the necessary skills and knowledge. Besides, this job is quite messy as it generates a great deal of fine quality sawdust. Due to this reason, it is necessary to call a professional to perform this job instead of trying to do it yourself. And this is where you can count on the services of experts like AJ Flooring.

 What does AJ Flooring do for you?

The experts of AJ Flooring use their experience and skills while offering floor sanding service to ensure that the finished surface is smooth enough as well as ready for the next step no matter whatever it would be. Besides, the dust-free and highly specialized equipment that the experts of this company use, they help to conduct the job cleanly and efficiently. Besides, at this company, our craftsmen follow the process that helps them to create perfectly smooth flooring each and every time. Considering all these factors, choosing AJ Flooring for the floor sanding in Baulkham Hills is the best choice.

 How do we perform the floor sanding job?

 At AJ Flooring, we know selecting a reliable company for the sanding job is not easy, especially because you place immense trust in somebody else to restore something as precious as the floors. We are well-aware of this fact and therefore we take this responsibility very seriously. We are proud of what we do, and it is our mission to strive and endeavour to exceed the expectations of our customers.

The first step that we follow before performing the sanding job in Baulkham Hills is to check the flooring carefully for protruding nails or any other things in the flooring. We carefully remove those. After that, we access the condition of the flooring to check how much sanding is required to get the desired result.

Here we use grit level for the process of floor sanding. Every time we complete the sanding job in Baulkham Hills, the floor is cleaned thoroughly and carefully. And this ensures that no debris is still on the flooring that can cause scratches on the flooring. 

In case the flooring is not in the right condition, then the sanding job that we offer involves the use of a coarse abrasive. And if the floor is covered with paint or is stained, gouged, or badly scratched, then we offer a deeper and tougher initial sanding job to that flooring project.

 Some additional details on our service:

The floor sandingservice that we offer at AJ Flooring includes steps like:

  1. Free on-site consultation and estimation
  2. Job performed by fully insured, guaranteed, and certified technicians
  3. Use of dust-free equipment



The floor can be sanded many times. Sanding usually needs to takes place when there is lack of regular cleaning and dusting and the floors start to look colourless and beings fading away.  Hire the best floor sanding specialist in Baulkham hills for sanding of your floors.

It takes 1-5 days to sand the floor when performed by a floor sanding expert in Baulkham hills. If a person wants to do this work themselves, it usually takes 12-15 days. This work will also depend on the condition and size of the floor. Sanding the floor is not an easy task to perform and it will surely require the help of any specialist for the best results.

The cost of floor sanding and polishing in Baulkham hills depends on the size of the floor and its condition. If a floor is in very bad condition, then it will be more costly to sand the floor. The cost is always on a per square meter basis.

If the thickness of your wooden floor is 3/4 inches, then it will need to be refined 4-6 times during its total life span. Floor sanding experts in Baulkham hills believe that the floor can be refined every seven to ten years.