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Engineered flooring is the best way for offering beautiful interior enhancement options to people. Offering a cheaper option than a solid wooden floor, we provide the most viable alternative to other options in the industry. Engineered flooring performs better in several ways, which explains their increasing demand in the Hills District.

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We offer engineered flooring services in the Hills District. So if you live in the area, we’ve got everything covered for you. Due to the ease and nature of the engineered flooring, it's no wonder so many people choose to invest with us in the Hills District and Sydney. It's the next best thing to hardwood flooring, as it still looks classy, has a nice finish, and is nearly as robust as the real thing. In addition, our engineered flooring is easy to install, as the boards slot in place with each other regardless of surrounding space. With hardwood flooring, it needs some TLC to keep it looking good; it will generally need polishing and sanding down regularly. This is completely different from our engineered flooring, as the boards are only topped with hardwood veneer which requires a contrasting maintenance package.
Some of the top tips you need to know for monthly, weekly or daily care of engineered flooring include:
  • Make use of a high-quality mop, which doesn't leave a lot of water behind. It's important for reducing the risk of surface water accumulation, as it otherwise can damage the floor.
  • For general day-to-day cleaning, it's a good idea to use a microfibre cloth to clean up any general debris, dirt, and dust from the floor. A vacuum cleaner is a good option to use here.
  • It's also vital not to use harsh chemical cleaning abrasives or products on your engineered flooring in the Hills District, as it can be easily scratched.
Maintenance of engineered flooring
For the maintenance of these floors, it's absolutely important to keep them away from moisture. At AJ Flooring, we aim at offering quality services so that you can be sure your floor will last for a lifetime.
What sets us apart?
Our engineered flooring services are superior with exceptionally-built surfaces and structures offering value for products for our valued customers. It is heavy duty and so can withstand the hit when a heavy object falls on the floor. To make it more attractive and durable, it is often finished with satin or matt lacquers, which also makes the floor scuff and scratch-resistant. As you may know, solid wood planks are made entirely of oak or maple wood, which takes years to attain maturation. Thus, by reducing the amount of the wood used in planks, you save trees from being cut down and reduce the burden on the environment. For engineered wood planks, less desirable or more readily available species are used, such as spruce and pine. Apart from being easily available, these trees grow more quickly, and thus the products are available in bulk. This helps to reduce the budget; on the other hand, hardwood floors are made with oak and other highly desirable woods which cost more due to their low availability rates. It makes it difficult and expensive to provide the best flooring in the Hills District. But when you choose us and opt for engineered flooring, you not only make it budget-friendly, but you can also choose highly desirable wood flooring at a higher value. All in all, our engineered flooring looks amazing, and you get a wonderful interior. Yes, our products fulfill all your interior designing needs for your home in the HIlls District.
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The benefits of having engineered flooring services are numerous, and we will surely provide you pocket-friendly options to adorn your place in the Hills District. So, why not get in touch now, and get the best floor in the industry? AJ Flooring will make your dreams come true.
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