A J Flooring Awards

ATFA (Australasian Timber Flooring Association) held our association Awards 2023 on the Gold Coast in the month of August 2023 to celebrate the workmanship and expertise in the industry.
Such a great opportunity for professional learning development for our team and to connect with other industry experts.

What is ATFA?
ATFA is our industry association for all associated with timber flooring. This is a strong member-based organisation focused on the timber flooring industry that delivers high-quality, industry specific services and technical information for members and community.

A J Flooring has been a member of ATFA for over 12 years. As a business we see the benefits of continually upskilling our employees through workshops and training, connecting with industry suppliers and manufacturers and being up-to-date on industry information and resources.

As a customer, choosing an industry accredited flooring installer and supplier instils confidence and ensures that you are getting the highest level of knowledge and skill from your chosen supplier.