Flooring Timber Grades

timber grands

Timber Flooring Grades

The Australian Standard for timber grades define the look of the timber, this specifically refers to the degree of natural marks and different features caused by gum veins, growth defects, fauna infestation, insect trails and the like within the wood.

Timber is graded in three general categories as follows:

Contemporary Timber Flooring / Premium Floors

The contemporary grade is also known as select grade or low feature and has a low level of marks and natural characteristics.

It allows for a sleek and uniform look to the finished timber floor. It is also commonly referred to as the premium grade.

Colonial /Standard Timber Floors

The colonial grade is also known as standard grade or medium feature and shows more visible signs of gum veins, insect trails and burls. You will get a varying degree of timber in this grade of flooring, this is because a length of timber may only have one small feature in its entirety, so when it’s laid, the overall effect can be of contemporary boards with a bit of character about them.

Natural Feature Flooring / Rustic Floors

Natural Feature is a grade is also known as rustic or high feature and exhibits a high level of natural features including knots, veins etc there is also a broader range of colour variation and lengths of timber that do not fit within the other types of grading are graded here. This grade is favored by those wanting an older looking, more rustic flooring.