Sydney’s Timber Flooring Care & Maintenance

Useful Mopping Tips for Timber Flooring Sydney

Timber flooring Sydney can complement any interior decor you have in your home and this lone fact has plays a very important role in timber flooring popularity. The level of popularity is all time high. Experts say that every good thing has some flaws and a major quirk seen in timber flooring Sydney is that it needs undivided attention to be the pride of the property owner.

wooden floor and stairs

The point to be noted here is that since it’s a wood that has been polished, it needs special care in terms of maintenance and cleaning. This means that too much of cold water and too much of hot water, both can be dangerous. Wet patches can force the wood to decay faster than usual, forcing you to repair the timber floor. Therefore, the best step is to keep sticking to the recommendations given by the installation team. Our team will give you suggestions on everything, including how to mop and this is something very important to learn as mopping is the most frequently taken step. In these circumstances, one thing is assured that correct mop and mopping technique will prolong the life and beauty of your wooden floors.

Look at some top tips for mopping timber flooring Sydney. 

Wring, Wring, Wring!

  • Experts say that before mopping you should make sure that the mop is as dry as possible and for this; you should continue wringing to get most of the water content out of it.
  • Before using, you need to make sure that the mop just has an essence of water or dampness left in it.
  • After mopping, you need to make sure that the mopped area is dried as soon as possible.
  • You should use a mop and a bucket that are recommended by our installation team as they are especially designed for cleaning timber flooring Sydney.
  • With recommended cleaning tools and techniques, you can be assured that your installation would look good and its life will also get prolonged.


Follow the Grain

  • The next tip is that you should always follow the direction of the grains during mopping session.
  • The risks of going against the grain are several and the top risk is that polish can get damaged, thereby revealing a coarser floor.
  • One more benefit of following the direction is that embedded dirt is more easily picked up and mopping gets easier and more effective.


Find a Solution

  • This means that you should find an ideal mopping solution and experts say that you should rather stay with those recommended by the installation team.
  • You’ll come across some people recommending using just water and vinegar, but before using, don’t skimp away from asking our installation team about the same.
  • However, the best step is still the same, i.e. using a dedicated solution recommended by our team to ensure that the dirt is better lifted, and beautiful timber gleam is retained.