For Timber Floor Repairs In Sydney, Northern Beaches, or Hornsby, Contact AJ Flooring

If you are one of the many Sydney area homeowners with timber floors, consult AJ Flooring Pty Ltd should you need any repairs. Besides offering a variety of timber floor options and maintenance, the company also can repair your floor if needed. AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd has been in operation since 1983 and understands the timber floor industry inside and out. The goal of the company is to bring beautiful products, quality workmanship, and outstanding service to customers from Hornsby to the Northern Beaches and the entire Sydney area.

Sydney’s Premier Timber Flooring Company

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd has gained a reputation for excellence throughout the Sydney area. Whether it is the installation of a new floor or providing timber floor repairs in Sydney, the company provides outstanding workmanship and personalised service. The quality of their work is very important to the company. That work speaks for itself as the company has over 80,000 satisfied customers since 1989.

Timber flooring is fairly easy to maintain as long as the proper precautions are followed. Once a floor is sanded, you should sweep it regularly. You can vacuum it but do so with a soft head vacuum. Regular mopping will also help to extend the life of your timber floor. AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd can provide regular maintenance for your floors if needed.

Why AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd For Timber Floor Repairs in Hornsby

Competitors cannot match the 30-plus years of experience in working with timber floors. They are expert installers of a wide variety of timber flooring. They have worked with tongue and groove timber, floating timber, recycled timber, and more. Customers can choose from a wide range of species of floors available in today’s market. AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd will install it on a concrete slab, over existing floors, or even onto particle board sheet flooring. If your home or office is being built or renovated, the experts at AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd can complete the job while that is being done.

AJ Floor Sanding also provides timber floor repairs in the Northern Beaches and the rest of the Sydney area. Timber floors can become scratched or impaired. Accidents happen and timber flooring can become damaged and in need of repair. The experts at AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd are able to perform repairs to any timber floor and restore its beauty.

Timber floors are an affordable choice for many homeowners and even business owners. The installation of a wooden floor will also improve the resale value of a home. Timber floors are also much healthier than the alternatives. A timber floor does not collect all of the dust, dirt, and other air pollutants like carpet does. Those with allergies or asthma find timber floors to be a great alternative.