Timber Floor Installation in Chatswood Improves, Appearance and Value

There’s little doubt that for area homeowners, a timber floor installation in Chatswood, NSW, Sydney or any other locality in the region, improves the appearance and value of their residences. Timber flooring itself is actual wood flooring and not a laminate or faux wood, typically requiring a high level of expertise to install. In general, attempting a timber floor installation on your own also isn’t recommend unless you have the time and expertise necessary to carrying out a proper installation.

Timber floors are typically installed in a series of discrete steps that include site preparation of sub-flooring. In some cases, a home’s sub-flooring has seen many years of stress and strain and may require additional repair or maintenance before it’s suitable to handle new timber flooring. Once sub-flooring in your Chatswood home has been prepared, skilled timber floor installation can commence, including measuring and cutting followed by fitting and attachment of flooring. A timber floor installation in Chatswood or anywhere else isn’t to be lightly undertaken, in other words.

Post-installation, a timber floor typically must be stained or painted. Staining of timber flooring, when it’s properly done, tends to bring out the timber grain’s most attractive highlights. A flooring company such as A&J Flooring will employ an array of staining or timber flooring covering techniques that bring out the most attractive aspects of wood grains in a timber floor. Having a timber floor installation in your Chatswood home carried out only by experienced professionals will ensure your new flooring lasts a long time and remains attractive while doing so.