Get a New Timber Floor with Our Timber Flooring and Timber Decking Installation in Pymble

If you have recently moved into a new home, odds are there are a few things you would like to change about it. If it is an older home, it may even be vital to make some updates out of health and safety concerns. It is not uncommon for flooring to be one of the first things for new homeowners to overhaul. Particularly in homes that have old carpet, new homeowners are eager to dispose of the old in favour of the new. When it comes to durability and style, many are turning to timber flooring and timber decking in Pymble. At AJ Flooring, we provide timber floor installation in Pymble that comes with the advice and assistance of a trained professional that is highly informed about everything related to flooring, down to the appropriate coat of polyurethane for your new home.

Timber Flooring in Your Pymble Home is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Carpet is notoriously a pain when it comes to cleaning. Any number of items can get stuck and caught in the threads of carpets that were common place for so many years that they still linger in a lot of homes today. When it comes to spilling liquids, carpets are even worse – you can never undo a liquid spill on a carpet. There is a good chance it is going to stain and it may even alter the texture of the floor in that area. If you have young children or a pet or plan on having either at any point in the foreseeable future, carpet is simply not practical.

Timber flooring in your Pymble home is an excellent way to pre-emptively spare your home from the calamities described above. Timber flooring provides a smooth, clean surface that will prevent you from ever having to get out that noisy vacuum cleaner again. A quick sweep is all it will take to tackle just about any mess. If these are situations you wish to avoid, do not hesitate to give us a call about timber floor installation in Pymble today.

Timber Flooring and Timber Decking Provide a Touch of Class

Having timber flooring installed in your home immediately alters the vibe of the room. Although it is a harder surface than carpet, you will notice the soft, warm quality to timber flooring that makes your home all the more comforting. If you like what timber flooring provides to your home’s interior, you should also consider timber decking for your Pymble backyard.

Nothing can add to your home like having an outside haven to enjoy the outdoors without fully surrendering the luxuries of your house. The durability of timber decking combined with our extensive experience with polyurethane ensures that your deck will endure even the harshest of weather with minimal maintenance required. It is one thing to have a beautiful floor on the inside of your home. But you will truly be able to stun your guests if you keep the feel extended out into your property.