Save Yourself Some Time When You Install Sydney Hardwood Floors

In addition to providing homeowners with a gorgeous looking home in Sydney, hardwood floors also give you a break when it comes to maintenance. It is one of the big advantages to installing timber flooring. Cleaning and maintenance are easy. Just ask the professionals at AJ Flooring, who have been installing and maintaining hardwood floors for over 30 years, we preach the advantages of timber floors to all homeowners in the Sydney area.

Your Sydney hardwood floors can be maintained rather easily by sweeping them once a week or as often as you like. Use a soft bristled broom or a dust mop to collect the large particles that have accumulated on the floor. You can also use a vacuum but use the bare floor setting to prevent scratching your floor.

Use a damp mop with an anti-bacterial cleaner and avoid any harsh cleaners as they may strip away the finish on your floors. You only need to clean your Sydney hardwood floors when they really need it. Cleaning the floors too often can actually decrease their lifespan. A deep cleaning is necessary only as needed; if there are spills, wipe them up immediately and never let moisture sit on your hardwood flooring. Wipe up the spill and dry the area thoroughly.

For assistance with how to clean and maintain your timber floors, you can always call the professionals at AJ Flooring. Our three decades of experience in working in the industry has allowed us to gain a considerable amount of insight in the cleaning and maintaining of wood floors. For help, call us on (02) 9873 6118 or send us an email at