There Are Numerous Health Benefits Associated with Sydney Hardwood Flooring

Your floors may be contributing to you and your family’s poor health. Carpets gather dust, pet hair, mould, mildew and much more that can cause respiratory problems and are harmful to those who suffer from allergies or asthma. In Sydney, hardwood flooring from local professionals, AJ Flooring is the answer for homeowners who wish to improve the look of their floors.

AJ Flooring has been serving the Hills District of northern Sydney for over 30 years providing a variety of timber flooring services including installation and maintenance. Using the finest in Australian made products and providing a level of workmanship that exceeds expectations, we have grown into the Sydney hardwood flooring authority. More than 80,000 satisfied customers have chosen us to help them gain the advantages of hardwood flooring.

Timber floors do not gather allergens and other pollutants like carpets do. Hardwood floors are the best choice for homeowners searching for ways to make their homes healthier. Cleaning your hardwood floor with a damp mop and an anti-bacterial cleaner is an easy way to disinfect and sterilise your floors. That is something you cannot do with carpet flooring. Also, hardwood is natural. When you choose to carpet your floors, you are selecting a product made of synthetic fibres. There are a variety of chemicals used the production of carpet as well and these chemicals will be present in your home for years.

If you are searching for a healthier flooring option, choose Sydney hardwood flooring from AJ Flooring. We can provide you with a fast, competitive quote. Call now on (02) 9873 6118 or send us an email to