Restore the Beauty of Your Hardwood Floors, Call AJ Flooring for Sydney Floor Sanding

After several years, your hardwood floors will lose some of their lustre. They can become dull, discoloured and may have some scratches. When you look at your floors and those are the first things you notice, it is time to call the premier company in Sydney for floor sanding – AJ Flooring. With over 30 years of experience in dealing with timber floors, we have gained a reputation for excellence when it comes to restoring hardwood flooring.

To restore your floors to their original appearance and shine, you will need a professional in Sydney floor sanding. Our family owned and operated business has been providing the Hills District of Northern Sydney with exceptional installation and sanding of timber floors since 1983. The sanding of hardwood floors is an art form that takes years to master and we will provide you with a gorgeous finish that will look like your floors are newly installed.

With three decades of service in the flooring industry in the Sydney area, we are well-established and have developed a reputation that speaks for itself. We take lots of pride in the level of our workmanship, so much that we have earned a “Pride of Workmanship” Award. We take the time to provide our customers with a personalised level of service that has allowed us to gain over 80,000 satisfied customers. If you are searching Sydney for floor sanding services, call us today on (02) 9873 6118 to discuss your needs. You can also reach us by email at