Climate Affects Time Recommended Intervals in Floor Sanding a North Shore Home

New South Wales’ North Shore is beautiful, and many homes located in the area are also beautiful and complementary of the region. For example, many North Shore homes feature attractive timber and wooden flooring in their interiors. While beautiful and durable, wooden or timber flooring does require a bit of maintenance, sometimes made even more important by the predominant climate of sun, temperature extremes and the general elements. In short, North Shore’s climate causes homes to experience greater diversity in temperature extremes, and those temperatures will affect intervals required for floor sanding a North Shore home.

Interior wood flooring, even if it’s been sanded and finished previously, is always affected by its covering structure’s expansion, contraction and fluctuation in interior temperatures due to climate. Because North Shore, NSW, features a diverse – for the Southern Hemisphere – climate, wooden floors in homes in the area tend to require a fair amount of floor sanding and reapplication of protective finishes on a somewhat more frequent basis. Consulting with an experienced floor installation and restoration firm such as A&J Flooring, near to North Shore, will give you the best idea of just when floor sanding your North Shore home will need to occur.

Just what, exactly, does floor sanding in a North Shore home entail, though? Is it a project easily undertaken by do-it-yourself enthusiasts? Most home improvement and timber floor maintenance and restoration specialists would say floor sanding is a task best left to experienced professionals, in truth. For one, floor sanding in only one part of a comprehensive wood flooring restoration programme. Your wooden floor must be prepared for sanding, sanded and then refinished with your choice of recommended stain, lacquer or resin. Floor sanding is also an activity that may require use of respirators and other personal protective equipment, not to mention that it can be difficult labour in the first place.