Floor Polishing In Hunters Hill

AJ Flooring – the best floor polishing in Hunters Hill 

Are you looking for top quality floor polishing in Hunters Hill? In that case, your search should end with us at the AJ Flooring because we are the best in this regard. There can be no doubt at all about this. We are great at timber floor sanding as well. This is because we have the best technicians in the area. 

What can we do for you?

There is so much that we could do for you when it comes to work such as this. We are fully capable of restoring timber floors that have become worn out and look tired as hell right now. 

You can be sure that when you call us to do your floor polishing in Hunters Hill, we would make your old floor looks just as good as it did when it was new. We are the best professional floor polishers in the area. We guarantee you that there is no one better than us in such work. It also needs to be said that we have been in this business for as long as we can remember – for close to 3 decades to be precise! All this experience is surely going to count for something! 

The best methods and techniques

As far as floor polishing in Hunters Hill is concerned, we are known to employ the best methods and techniques for doing such work. This is the reason why we can restore any and every timber floor where we are asked to work on. Are you looking for a team that has the right kind of skills and knowledge to get such work done? Then you are looking for us. For a free quote call today!

Do you have worn and torn floors? Call us

There are so many reasons why you could need services such as floor polishing in Hunters Hill. It could be because your floorboards are now looking tired because they have been subjected to wear and tear over the years. It could also be because they have dents and scratches. These happen normally because of the way you use the floors on an everyday basis. They could also happen because of moving furniture. 

The kind of products that we use

There is a good reason why we are regarded as the absolute best when it comes to work such as this. 

It is the quality of finishes that we can provide you in this case. For floor polishing in Hunters Hill we use the following finishes:

  • modified oils
  • water and stain-based polyurethane
  • solvent-based polyurethane

This means that we have a choice for all kinds of clients out there. It could be that you have had your floors sanded of late and now wish to get a pristine finish with some floor polishing work done in this regard. It could also be that you want to refresh and revitalize your floorboards. No matter what work it is you can be sure that we are the ones you should be calling up.