Do Timber Floors and Hardwood Floors Seem Like Too Much Work? Try a Floating Timber Floor in Baulkham Hills

You may be currently living in a set up very close to your dream home. However, that does not mean that from time to time a little bit of home décor or remodelling isn’t necessary to keep that dream alive. Putting in new floors may be the look that you had in mind, but as you may or may not know, redoing your flooring can be an expensive and challenging task. A real hardwood look is difficult to replicate and is something desirable to many homeowners. Unfortunately, too few can make that particular dream look come to life either due to the cost and work required to implement hardwood floors in Baulkham Hills. That is why at AJ Flooring we offer the option of a floating timber floor in Baulkham Hills.

How Floating Timber Floors in Baulkham Hills Can Make Your Remodelling Much Easier

To fully implement hardwood floors in Baulkham Hills, you will need to remove whatever flooring you currently have in the designated area. Putting in hardwood floors is truly a remodelling from the ground up. If you are confident that this is the look you will want from here on out, hardwood floors can be a reasonable investment. If, however, you are going for a new look, you are trying something out that may be long term but not necessarily permanent, you should consider timber floors for your Baulkham Hills home.

Installing a floating timber floor in your Baulkham Hills home is relatively simple. Where hardwood floors require the removal of the previous flooring, floating timber floors can just be laid on top of your old floor. The installation is straight forward and easier to do yourself – a tongue in groove system that involves sliding notches together. It is relatively self-explanatory and takes no time at all to give your home a fresh look from the ground up.

Why Floating Timber Floors Are Cheaper Than Other Options

Since floating timber floors can be placed over your old floors, you eliminate the costly procedure of removing and disposing of your former floor. This by itself reduces the costs of your remodelling substantially. Also, floating timber floors are cheaper in material than other hardwood options. Timber is a relatively low-cost wood and when done as floating timber flooring, comes in very thin boards. This means to cover the same area; you need much less material of the more affordable material.

If you have any trepidation to remodelling your flooring due to cost or how much of a commitment it is, you should seriously consider floating timber floors as an affordable, more manageable means to giving your home a fresh new look. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by how much work it is to put in a new floor until you have explored all the options on the market.