The Advantages of Timber Hardwood Floors in Glenhaven

Are you thinking about installing timber floors in your home in Glenhaven? At AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd, we’re here to tell you that you are making the right decision. Over the past 32 years, we have helped countless customers with their hardwood flooring needs in Glenhaven. Many of those customers have reported back to us in the days, weeks, months and weeks following their wood floor installations, raving about the advantages that they didn’t know timber flooring could provide. What are those benefits? Read on for just five of pros of wood flooring.

Five Reasons to Choose Hardwood Floors in Glenhaven

  • Longevity: Carpet is usually the least expensive flooring option, but it’s easily susceptible to stains and needs frequent replacement to avoid allergen build-ups and the respiratory problems they cause. Even tile can require semi-regular replacement, due to wearing grout and gradual staining. If you take minimal time to care for your timber floors, they can last a lifetime without replacement.
  • Healthier: As mentioned above, carpets tend to gather an enormous amount of debris over the years. From dust and dirt to food and drink, all the way to pet dander, carpets are like receptacles for every allergen known to man. It goes without saying that this build-up of debris can make a house virtually unliveable for someone with allergies. However, carpets can also trap dust mites, fleas and bacteria—enough to spread unpleasant odours throughout your home and make your entire residence a less-than-healthy place. Wood floors eliminate all of this build-up, thereby providing a considerably more hygienic living experience.
  • Easy Cleaning: When you install a floating timber floor at your home in Glenhaven, you will quickly notice how much easier it is to clean than carpet. Spilt a glass of wine on the floor? Wipe it up, do a quick mop and you’re done. With carpet, you could spend hours blotting and still not get rid of the stain. Getting rid of dust and dirt, meanwhile, is as easy as doing a once-over with a vacuum or a broom—whereas a vacuum on carpet might still not pick up all of the dirt.
  • Style: Timber floors are all the rage in Glenhaven and throughout Australia right now, but they’ve always been popular and always will be. Carpet and tile styles tend to start looking dated after a few years, but wooden floors have a timeless rustic appeal that will always keep your home fashionable.
  • Increased Home Value: Because hardwood floors are so popular in Glenhaven, homes featuring them tend to sell faster (and for higher prices) than homes that are wall-to-wall carpet. If you’re looking for renovations that will offer maximum return-on-investment when you sell your home, a timber floor is definitely worth considering.

Get Your Floating Timber Floor in Glenhaven

Are you interested in outfitting your Glenhaven home with a gorgeous, timeless, long-lasting and easy-to-clean floating timber floor? We invite you to give us a call at AJ Floor Sanding Pty Ltd to discuss your options! You can reach us by dialling (02) 9873 6118.