Floating Floor Installation in North Shore, New South Wales

Among the array of attractive and durable wooden flooring surfaces available to North Shore, NSW, homeowners is the floating floor. The surface itself isn’t nailed, glued or otherwise attached to a sub-floor, thus the reason for why it “floats” above that sub-floor. Floating flooring’s actual own weight keeps it level and even above a sub-floor. In terms of cost and convenience, a floating floor is also one of the most attractive for a homeowner desiring attractive wooden-floored surfaces in her residence. Before installing a floating floor, however, pause for a moment to consider its complexity.

Floating floor installation in North Shore, NSW, or anywhere else in Australia can make for a do-it-yourself project if a homeowner possesses enough time and expertise. In reality, in this busy workaday world, with many homeowners spending more time at labour than at ease, it often doesn’t make sense to attempt a floating floor installation on one’s one. In response to the lack of time to carry out home DIY projects, flooring companies such as A&J Flooring, located near the North Shore area, have sprung up to see to homeowners’ flooring needs, mainly because installing floating floors isn’t as easy as it seems.

Floating flooring, like all types of flooring, must be custom-cut to properly match interior dimensions of a home or other building. Several different types of measuring devices as well as motorised saws are required to properly “lay down” a floating floor, at least if one desires flooring that’s both attractive, properly fitted and durable. Floating floor installation in North Shore, then, isn’t something to be taken lightly, even if it on the surface seems like a possible DIY project.