Cleaning Tips for Wooden Flooring

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Cleaning your Timber Floor:

Cleaning Tips for your wooden flooring is advise to keep your timber floors looking fresh.

Your Hardwood timber floor is an investment in your home you will need to care and clean your timber floor to keep it looking beautiful.

General day to day life can wear on your timber floor BUT if you follow simple rules your timber floor will look beautiful for many years.

Dirt and grit is a timber floor’s worst enemy! Sweep your timber floor daily to remove any dirt from the floor. Mop or vacuum regularly (If using a vacuum, make sure you use the soft head of the vacuum they way it doesn’t scratch your wooden floor boards.)

When mopping your timber floor ensure that the majority of the water has been wrung out of the mop head to avoid pooling of water on your wooden floors.

Do not use house hold detergent to clean your wooden floor as these can be abrasive and scratch your timber floor. You can clean your wooden floors that have been finished in either a solvent based polyurethane or a water based polyurethane with warm water and a splash of vinegar or mentholated spirits.

Use felt padding under furniture to prevent wearing of your timber floor finish.

Gemini maintenance kits are available to purchase to help maintain your wooden flooring that has been finished with Tung oil.

Bona care guide and cleaning mops are available with AJ Flooring.

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