Choosing a Timber Floor

Multiple Colour Choices For Timber Floor

Every timber has its own uniquely natural colour, but please keep in mind that natural colour variations do occur within a single timber species. 

Choosing a timber floor please have a look at our page on timber species species

Timber is a naturally sustainable product and therefore is individually unique.

Choosing a finish for your timber floor will need to be determined by the type of sheen you wish to have on your timber floorboards.

Flooring oils are protectors of timber floors as they penetrate deeper into the timber grain.

Polyurethanes are considered to be surface or plastic coating over your timber floor.

Some of the beautiful timber flooring finishes that we offer our customers include:

Solvent based Polyurethane

Solvent based Polyurethane: has greater abrasion resistance and provides a harder floor finish. This type of finish needs less routine maintenance, however it will have a yellow/orange tone due to chemical reaction to light.

Water Base Polyurethane

Water Base Polyurethane: good wear and tear resistance. This finish is generally applied over a sealer; this enhances the colour of the timber. Contains low VOC so little odour. 

Available in matt, extra matt, natural and satin finishes.

Tung Oil / Gemini

Tung Oil / Gemini: is a more traditional type of finish using an oil base mixed with a solvent. This type of finish requires regular maintenance and the colour will naturally darken over time. Tung Oil leaves a very soft and natural appearance.

Gemini will need to be reapplied annually.

China Wood Oil (Organ Oil)

China Wood Oil (Organ Oil) penetrates deeply into the wood and provides a natural matt finish.

Modified Tung Oil

Modified Tung Oil has been modified for faster drying time and is easier to maintain than your original Tung Oil.

Staining existing floorboards

Staining of your existing floorboards can give you a variety of colours from which to choose.

Here you’ll find a comparison table on the different types of finishes and their maintenance properties. This is only a guide to help you choose the most appropriate finish for you. (Do remember it is your floor and you’re the one who is going to be maintaining)

Timber Polish TypeFinishTimber ProtectionWear FactorMaintenance
Natural OilMattModerateLowHigh
Tung OilSemi-GlossExcellentLowHigh
Polyurethane (Water based)Gloss Satin or Semi-GlossModerateModerateModerate
PolyurethaneGloss Satin or Semi-GlossLowExcellentLow

(the actual wear varies considerably from household to household, protection is not scratch resistance.)

Ask A J Flooring – Sydney timber flooring experts, about the types of stains available that will suit your needs